Being part of life changing stories

After my hypnosis sessions I broke 80 twice in a row. I had only broken 80 a couple of times before in my 30 years of golf and never consecutively.
After only a few sessions with Dayna I can say with certainty that my golf game is better than ever. An added bonus is that my enjoyment of the game has returned as well.
Jeffery B.

Seeing Calypso has helped me greatly. I feel it helps me access a meditative relaxing state that helps me daily and in my relationships. Seeing what I can achieve in a session makes me feel capable of integrating it into my everyday life with myself.
Kelly G.

I was surprised that it was just as good.
Carmen S.

I have been a client of Mind Matters for many years and have had the advantage of experiencing sessions in the office and via video sessions. I can honestly tell you there is no difference in efficacy or experience. Put your mind at ease and help yourself.
June S.

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to express how grateful I am for Ginger! After our session I felt so at peace, a peace I haven’t felt in such a long time. I did my affirmations before sleeping and for the first time, in a VERY LONG TIME, I woke up feeling “light.” I haven’t felt tense or stressed out at all. I don’t even have bad, sad, or any racing thoughts. TRUST me when I say that should I start to feel the noise levels getting out of control I will definitely be back for another session.

Ellen L.

Wow! I can’t tell you how much working with Dayna has been helping me! She is really gifted! There is nothing you can’t tell her that she doesn’t understand.
Hypnosis with Dayna has been more effective for me than talking to a traditional therapist. Hypnosis takes all the work and puts it into a deeper level of your consciousness. You can replace old, outdated thought patterns and take charge of your life. It’s amazing!

Ashley G.

Hypnotherapy has resuscitated my quality of life. Working with Dayna has been more helpful than EMDR. In only a few sessions I was able to resolve panic disorder from a trauma I had been dealing with for over three years! I’m still in awe of the process and only wish I’d found it sooner.
I’m so grateful I was led to this work and to Dayna. The suffering I was experiencing is now safely in the past where it belongs.

Candice S.

You have made an extraordinary impact on my life. Still smoke free and alcohol free for a few months now! Also, no urge to do so again given the physical and mental differences that I have re-acquired. (I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be me).

Michael B.

I didn’t yet tell you about the sensations that came over me as we were at the end of my last session. It was amazing.
As you were speaking, a feeling entered my mind telling me that I can do this (stop drinking). This was immediately followed by OMG, I’ve got this without question! Then, This is amazing; it won’t require any effort, this is so easy; I’ll never drink again.
Now, the words are not exact, but the level of intensity in my ability to stop increased with each moment. The entire sensation probably lasted a minute of so. It was, to date, a once in a lifetime experience. And, you did it; you made it happen.


I am a client at Mind Matters Hypnosis for the Weight Release Program. I have had 2 sessions with Ginger and at the end of each of those sessions, I eagerly await the next one. Ginger has an incredible way of putting you at ease, guiding you through the process, asking great questions to understand “where you are,” and bringing comfort so that you can be honest – with her and yourself! She has an awesome personality that brings a vibe like you are talking with a dear friend. My self-awareness in my thoughts and actions is definitely elevated and “cravings” aren’t present. I am enjoying the freedom I am experiencing to simply enjoy my present moments to allow for better tomorrows.

Jacqueline D.

My experience with Remote Hypnosis has been surprising. It is not the magical strange situation I had expected. It is more of an empowering experience tapping in on your own strengths and helping you visualize ways to break free from old habits. Contrary to popular belief this is all about free will and breaking through old barriers. Calypso is a wonderful balance of calming soothing and highly skilled in leading the sessions. I look forward to my future sessions.

Toni E.

I would have lost the bet if you told me months ago that hypnotizing me would change my behavior. I’ve always thought that “we are what we are”. Apparently not.. My issues were weight (too much) and procrastination (way too much). I’m making progress and setting new goals, which I shall absolutely reach. Thank you…

Alfonso C.

I absolutely loved my experience with Alicia. She not only made me feel comfortable, but walked me through the entire process. It was really interesting to learn how everything was going to work and then experience it. I’ve felt a big difference in the release of a traumatic event, and also with food (both topics were discussed in two sessions). I will definitely be back.

Taylor B.

53 million American adults have quit smoking cigarettes as of 2015, and I’m one of them!!!! Still and forever more a non-smoker!!! Thank you Ginger!

Iris S.

Calypso is an incredible listener. I felt so safe and really heard by her. The remote session was very easy and relaxing and as rewarding as an in person session.


I have found remote hypnosis just as relaxing as in person. I grabbed my favorite fuzzy blanket and Alicia’s calm, soothing voice was able to guide me right into the state of hypnosis. It was very important for me to keep seeing her during the quarantine and to keep my recovery on track. Remote hypnosis allowed this to happen. I strongly recommend remote sessions!

Jennifer H.

At first I was very skeptical of remote hypnosis. After a short period of time on a zoom call, I did not even realize I was not in the same room with Calypso. My remote hypnosis session was just as relaxing and deep and she was able to tap into my sub-conscious just as easy!”

Emma P.

When I started working with Dayna I wanted to lose weight. What I didn’t expect was to gain something in the process – my heart. I was approaching weight loss like a drill sergeant for so many years. Working with Dayna gave me access to a kindness and compassion within me that I had never given myself before. Although I was skeptical, it happened just like she said. Through hypnosis I developed a loving relationship with myself and the weight just started to drop off. I really can’t say enough good things.

Susan W.

My remote session was most definitely just as effective as my in-person sessions, I was able to go just as deep, being even more comfortable in my own home.

Lindsey L.

I was a bit worried about doing a remote hypnosis session and if it would work. I have been hypnotized before and wondered how I could get the same experience from historical “in person” sessions. However, having a headset on in session was just as amazing and effective as it always has been for me. I have been having physical and emotional issues since having had COVID earlier this year and was holding onto more fear and anxiety than I realized. All the changes that have come in the last year for the world put a dark cloud over my head that was lifted last night. Living in a COVID crazy world right now with the rapid way the world has changed in the past year everyone could use a little hypnosis to help us get through our fears and anxieties. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time.

Erin C.

To say I had a wonderful session would be an understatement. As a health care and wellness practitioner always looking to provide my clients with the best care, I have worked with many modalities and will now be adding in hypnosis. I had tried hypnosis in the past but have never had this type of profound experience. I was skeptical not only because of my previous disappointments with hypnosis (at other practices) but also because of my worry that working remotely would compromise the work. Not being in the same room physically with the facilitator, paired with living in an often noisy New York City apartment didn’t help to calm my nerves either. None of this mattered. From the moment I spoke with Lisa, I knew I was in excellent hands. That said, I still was unsure of my own ability to be hypnotized as I’d had several “failed attempts” in the past or at least was left underwhelmed. As someone who has struggled with insomnia for 20+ years, my desperation surpassed my resignation and though I was skeptical, I tried to remain hopeful. This far exceeded any hope I could have had. I won’t go into details as everyone’s unique experience will be vastly different and rightfully so. The take away though is that my hope is restored and I’m certain many others can be as well. I am clear that this unlocked a blindspot that without this work would not be available to me. From the seat of the subconscious mind, real power can be released into your own ability to heal. I am grateful for this opportunity, not only for myself but for my clients, friends, and family. This is the type of work you pay forward. For any one reading this considering to schedule an appointment, I applaud your commitment to yourself and am excited for your journey.

Dayna H.

I had no experience with hypnosis, my opinions only garnered like most people from TV and the movies. So, it was with quite a bit of trepidation and skepticism that I met with Ginger Summa. She very calmly and intelligently informed me what hypnosis is and isn’t, what the process would be so as to alleviate any nervousness or fears I might have about the session (we all have preconceived fears and misconceptions of the process!), and what I might or might not experience, what to expect, and how this would impact me during and after the session.

The idea alone that she would get me to relax was hard to believe, my day and life being so busy and hectic like most of us. But the session seemed to go by so quickly and amazingly, I just was super and deeply relaxed, listening to her and talking with her the whole time. When it was over, felt like I had just had the longest vacation ever, like I had just gotten up from a beach somewhere with no worries or concerns. Being so relaxed actually made me laugh out loud- who knew I could be that chill! Amazingly hypnosis is truly just a deep relaxation process allowing you to deal with or concentrate on issues, therapeutic and invigorating, at least for me.

Ginger explained that one time isn’t usually all it can take to deal with an issue, with some people going back many times or some just once or twice more (as it turned out I did.) But I left with a strategy and game plan for how to deal with anything that might trigger me wanting to go back to my old ways, and having tools to use on my own was incredibly supportive and empowering.
All my old ideas about hypnosis have been vanquished and Ginger just rocks at making you feel safe, secure, relaxed and in control. If she could only bottle it, I would have some after 5 PM every day! Ginger gives new meaning to the term “happy hour!”

Dawn RD