Take charge of your mind (and your life)

By now, you’ve likely uncovered how tackling the issues which have kept you stuck can be the move that propels you to the ultimate success you seek in your life.

Whether you simply want to live a more comfortable life or you’re seeking to transform yourself into your highest self to earn more, live more richly, and experience deeper, more fulfilling relationships, the truth is this: We don’t get to the summit alone.

Take charge of your mind

How much of a commitment are you willing to make to yourself to make your dreams for yourself a reality?

Hypnosis is a great way to heal, but why limit yourself?

When seeking hypnosis, it’s good to know that each area of concern has different minimum requirements for optimal success.

Weight loss

3 to 10 sessions

Alcoholism & addiction

10 sessions

Fears and Phobias

2-5 sessions

Smoking Cessation

2 sessions

Many clients find relief in as little as one session … but why stop there?

Testimonials from our clients

I would have lost the bet if you told me months ago that hypnotizing me would change my behavior. I’ve always thought that “we are what we are”. Apparently not.. My issues were weight (too much) and procrastination (way too much). I’m making progress and setting new goals, which I shall absolutely reach. Thank you…

Alfonso C.

I absolutely loved my experience with Alicia. She not only made me feel comfortable, but walked me through the entire process. It was really interesting to learn how everything was going to work and then experience it. I’ve felt a big difference in the release of a traumatic event, and also with food (both topics were discussed in two sessions). I will definitely be back.

Taylor B.

I was a bit worried about doing a remote hypnosis session and if it would work. I have been hypnotized before and wondered how I could get the same experience from historical “in person” sessions. However, having a headset on in session was just as amazing and effective as it always has been for me. I have been having physical and emotional issues since having had COVID earlier this year and was holding onto more fear and anxiety than I realized. All the changes that have come in the last year for the world put a dark cloud over my head that was lifted last night. Living in a COVID crazy world right now with the rapid way the world has changed in the past year everyone could use a little hypnosis to help us get through our fears and anxieties. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time.

Erin C.

Calypso is an incredible listener. I felt so safe and really heard by her. The remote session was very easy and relaxing and as rewarding as an in person session.


I have found remote hypnosis just as relaxing as in person. I grabbed my favorite fuzzy blanket and Alicia’s calm, soothing voice was able to guide me right into the state of hypnosis. It was very important for me to keep seeing her during the quarantine and to keep my recovery on track. Remote hypnosis allowed this to happen. I strongly recommend remote sessions!

Jennifer H.
At first I was very skeptical of remote hypnosis. After a short period of time on a zoom call, I did not even realize I was not in the same room with Calypso. My remote hypnosis session was just as relaxing and deep and she was able to tap into my sub-conscious just as easy!”
Emma P.

My remote session was most definitely just as effective as my in-person sessions, I was able to go just as deep, being even more comfortable in my own home.

Lindsey L.

Choose your remote hypnosis journey below

I’m here to reach a specific goal

Hypnosis Sessions

Tap into your subconscious mind and unlock the power of the remaining 90% of your brain.

First 2-Hour Session: $250-$300

Subsequent Sessions: $250-$300

1-Hour Coaching (without Hypnosis): $150-$200

I’m committed to long-term work and results

Hypnosis + Coaching

Unpack, process, and apply your subconscious learnings and implement lasting change in your life.

3-month engagement with weekly alternating sessions

Hypnosis sessions for 90 minutes

Coaching sessions for 60 minute


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