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Together, let’s dive into the flexible space of your subconscious mind and create new beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions that support you in your ultimate goals.

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Meet the team

Calypso Portugaels, CCH, CI

Calypso discovered hypnosis first as a client. In fact, a skeptical one. It took two sessions to make her a believer. Then, a third one to make her realize she had come across a life-changing tool. Later on, she went on to become a hypnotist herself. Since that transition, she’s been able to see the world in a new way she never thought possible.

From her work as a yoga and meditation teacher, Calypso has witnessed the vast power of the mind-body connection. And she’s learned to normalize practices that could seem a little esoteric or inaccessible. She now feels ready to further share the life changing tools of hypnosis with more people.

She has studied around the world, letting her travels guide her toward a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Calypso believes that all you need to make deep, lasting change is a seed or an intention. With patience, kindness, and humor, she will work with you to define the best way to work toward your goals.

Alicia O’Hara, CCH

Alicia combines her education and experience in hypnotherapy, behavioral techniques, meditation, life coaching and intuitive skills to help her clients release subconscious blocks and obstacles and accomplish their desired goals of health and wellbeing.

Before becoming a healing arts practitioner, Alicia studied and practiced interior design, project management, and worked as a liaison officer helping students transition into their professional careers. These earlier careers gave her insight and understanding on how people tick, and it was through these insights, she realized she wanted to help others on a much deeper level.

In 2004, she discovered her true vocation when she began studying alternative therapies for her own personal growth. Through formal study of a variety of modalities Alicia learned to create lasting change for herself and gained the tools and techniques to help others do the same.

Maxine Kuo, CCH

Hello! I’m Maxine, and I am a certified hypnotist based in Houston, Texas. I first encountered hypnosis while at school for holistic medicine. At the time, I was a violinist with the Houston Symphony exploring healing practices. The instructor Lisa Zaccheo presented science and case-study evidence so compelling, that I was immediately drawn to the power of the mind and the efficiency of hypnosis. Learning that our subconscious mind was 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind left me wondering, “why don’t people use this more?” and I decided to dive in.

If you feel consumed by negative behaviors, thoughts, or emotions, you can release yourself from the weight of them in just a few sessions. There is relief and help within your reach, and I will support you in creating exactly what you want, whether it be a more meaningful life or overcoming emotional, mental, and physical obstacles. I believe that hypnosis and our minds hold the keys to unlocking great health and potential.

Ginger Summa, CCH

Ginger is a born intuitive, coach, and inspiration to any who has had the opportunity to know and work with her.

From a young age, her ability to quickly connect with others and see what they could not yet see for themselves had her be the consistent go-to “confidant” in most all her social circles.

As she built a diverse performing arts career, her ability to notice, and laugh at, the craziness of life gave her an unparalleled resilience so many struggle to master in their careers, and life.

Now as a certified hypnotist, she brings her years of personal and professional self-discovery to clients done with making excuses, and ready to step into the authentic, confident and empowered life they were born to lead.

Dayna Hart

Dayna is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Holistic
Health Coach who assists her clients in achieving personal and professional well-being.

Her passion is to help people overcome setbacks, dissolve limiting beliefs, create positive changes and develop life-long strategies for success.

Dayna graduated with honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited college for Hypnotherapy. In addition, she maintains certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as a Master of Science Degree from Columbia University.

Dayna does not consider her work as a job but rather an extension of who she is. Helping others is an essential part of her own well-being and a commitment she holds in the highest regard.

The mission of her work is to help peopale overcome the obstacles that prevent them from living life to its fullest potential.

Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BCI

Lisa has been practicing the art of hypnosis for over 20 years, having worked with thousands of clients around the world, on every imaginable challenge. Her love for the work has motivated her extensive training in advanced clinical hypnosis, regression, complimentary medical, child & adolescent, forensic hypnosis and more. She is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book “Free Your Genius”, a trance-formational speaker and Executive Hypno Coach.

She’s grateful that her calling found her and thoroughly enjoys helping people tap into the incredible power that’s within. She offers a completely safe and judgement free space to open the doors to growth and is confident that she can help you clear whatever’s been in your way of being your best self and living your best life.

Testimonials from our clients

I would have lost the bet if you told me months ago that hypnotizing me would change my behavior. I’ve always thought that “we are what we are”. Apparently not.. My issues were weight (too much) and procrastination (way too much). I’m making progress and setting new goals, which I shall absolutely reach. Thank you…

Alfonso C.

I absolutely loved my experience with Alicia. She not only made me feel comfortable, but walked me through the entire process. It was really interesting to learn how everything was going to work and then experience it. I’ve felt a big difference in the release of a traumatic event, and also with food (both topics were discussed in two sessions). I will definitely be back.

Taylor B.

I was a bit worried about doing a remote hypnosis session and if it would work. I have been hypnotized before and wondered how I could get the same experience from historical “in person” sessions. However, having a headset on in session was just as amazing and effective as it always has been for me. I have been having physical and emotional issues since having had COVID earlier this year and was holding onto more fear and anxiety than I realized. All the changes that have come in the last year for the world put a dark cloud over my head that was lifted last night. Living in a COVID crazy world right now with the rapid way the world has changed in the past year everyone could use a little hypnosis to help us get through our fears and anxieties. Thank you for helping me through this difficult time.

Erin C.

Calypso is an incredible listener. I felt so safe and really heard by her. The remote session was very easy and relaxing and as rewarding as an in person session.


I have found remote hypnosis just as relaxing as in person. I grabbed my favorite fuzzy blanket and Alicia’s calm, soothing voice was able to guide me right into the state of hypnosis. It was very important for me to keep seeing her during the quarantine and to keep my recovery on track. Remote hypnosis allowed this to happen. I strongly recommend remote sessions!

Jennifer H.
At first I was very skeptical of remote hypnosis. After a short period of time on a zoom call, I did not even realize I was not in the same room with Calypso. My remote hypnosis session was just as relaxing and deep and she was able to tap into my sub-conscious just as easy!”
Emma P.

My remote session was most definitely just as effective as my in-person sessions, I was able to go just as deep, being even more comfortable in my own home.

Lindsey L.

Our commitment to you

We stand in an active role of solidarity with people with marginalized identities. We are committed to anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, anti-ableism, and anti-fat bias.

Everyone comes from different walks of life, and we consider this a strength, not a weakness. Our offices employ staff who promote a positive and inclusive environment for all clients.

All are welcomed, respected, and valued here. Together, we are claiming the world we want to be in with an ongoing commitment to enhancing equity, inclusion, and diversity.

We are listening to the pain, anger, and exhaustion generated by our ignorance and we pledge to do better with the money we spend, the actions we take, the education we seek, and the safe and brave space we hold.

Access our expert hypnotists from your most comfortable place and begin the journey of finding relief through the power of your subconscious mind

Access our expert hypnotists from your most comfortable place